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EF Annual Day Celebration - November 2014

EF Annual Day Celebration - November 2014 

Annual Day Celebration on 28th Nov 2014 Friday at Indian School Ground Doha, followed by a Musical Night by Famous Musical Band THAIKKUDAM BRIDGE Live Concert Its Coming.................



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EF Sargolsavam Day 2 - May 2014

E F QATAR SARGOLSAVAM - DAY 2  Inter Alumni Match/Cultural Activities on 02nd May 2014 Friday OR 25th April 2014 at Al Gazal Club Doha, 5.00pm to 11.00pm

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EF Sargolsavam Day 1 - April 2014

E F QATAR SARGOLSAVAM - DAY 1  Inter Alumni Match/Cultural Activities on 4th April 2014 Friday OR 4th April 2014 at INDIAN Cultural Center Doha, 9.30am to 11.30am & 2.00pm to 6.00pm

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EF NASAR AL HAJIRI Indoor Games Day 2 - January 2014

EF NASAR AL HAJIRI Indoor Games  Day 2 - 17th January2014,Friday.  

Chess,Cards,Carroms at Al Maha School, Doha, 8.00am to 4.00pm 


EFMC is organizing an "Indoor Games" in the following items & categories: The INDOOR GAMES shall be held on 17 th January 2014 (17-01-2014)

A) Cards: shall be conducted in the following categories: 
1) Cards - Rummy
2) Cards - 56
3) Cards - 28 
There are no entry restrictions. Any EF member / spouse / child can participate, no alumini entry limit. 
For Cards 28 and 56, register as a team of 2 and 3 respectively from the same alumini only, so that the points do not have to be split (on reaching 1 st & 2nd)
B) Chess:
1) Chess - Adult
2) Chess - Junior
There are no entry restrictions. Any EF member / spouse / child can participate, no alumini entry limit. 
C) Carroms:
1) Carroms - Doubles Adults
2) Carroms - Doubles Juniors
The committee has decided to get away with the entry restrictions. Any EF member / spouse / child can participate, no alumini entry limit. 
Both the persons should be from the same alumini only. 
General Restriction:
A Maximum of 2 category for any individual, in this Indoor Games. (this restriction, which is required to complete all the events in one day, shall be strictly implemented )
Age limit:
Adult category: Age 15 years & above
Junior Category: Upto & including 14 years.
Note:1) The rules of each event shall be intimated later. 
Please send in your entries latest by 15-01-2014 to martin.mathew@hotmail.com and sunilmathewt@hotmail.com mentioning the category, name of the EF member and the name of Aumini. (We have already received a few entries. Er. Martin Mathew will revert back to all these entries for confirmation / clarification.
Point System:
10 points would be awarded to the Alumini for 1 st place of each category & 5 points for the 2 nd place.

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EF GULF LIGHTS Cricket Tournaments - January 2014

EF GULF LIGHTS Cricket Tournaments - January 2014 

(17th January 2014 to 28th February 2014) at Ideal Indian School, 7.00am to 5.00pm, Inaugural Ceremony by Cricket Legend KAPIL DEV



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